Major Consequences of HVAC Leaking Ducts

To most homeowners, little time, resources and energy are allocated to the ducts. The idea of duct maintenance is never a big deal as it is usually prone to disrepair.

This attitude towards the pipes hence impacts massive consequences on the health conditions and even the finances of my homeowners who happen to neglect the ducts.

Major Consequences of HVAC Leaking DuctsSome of the dangers posed by the poor maintenance and neglect include:

Financial Dangers

In the peak cooling seasons, averagely 25% of the bill on energy can be accounted for and associated with a running HVAC system. Bearing that in mind that there is another high possibility of realizing substantial financial measures should the system fail since it’s capable of significant costs realization in continuing to keep the family comfortable and happy should the mercury levels soar. To the surface, leaning ducts may not mean much, but financially, it poses dire consequences.

Once the air conditioner has conditioned and cooled the air, it then pushes it through the ducts and vents in the respective rooms within the house. A leaking tube thus provides a way for the paid air to escape to the ‘external’ environment and this amounts to less delivery if the conditioned air within the house. Consequently, the system is forced to work much harder and under more difficult states to cool sufficient air, allowing it through the ducts where once again it’s lost via the leaking pipes. With that, the cooling cost has to rise exponentially to be able to cool the home to the same initial temperatures it used to before the issue on leakage came into the picture.

Health Dangers

Just when the financial aspects of a leaking duct begin to take a toll on homeowners, matters associated with the health components of a leaking pipe come into the picture. The leaking tube allowing cold air into the much warmer and desired air of the attic or the warmer air of the attic finding its way into the cold air within the ducts, condensation occurs. Continuous condensation as a result of a mixture of the hot and fresh air breeds ground for mold formation. The infected and unrepaired leaking duct thus allows for mold spores to enter the canal freely and circulate through the entire house.

As if that’s not enough, the passage created by leaking ducts allowing moisture and mold circulation. Pollutants present within the attic freely finds its way into the HVAC system, the interference with the indoor air quality can pose significant health issues especially to family members known to suffer from asthma, respiratory illnesses, and even allergies. A lot of pollutants finds its way into the air we breathe during sleep by just a mere 5-7 times recirculation of the air within the home from a typical air conditioner.

System Dangers

The financial implications if a leaking duct in the HVAC systems is not limited to the utility bill on energy. The adverse working conditions to which the system is now subjected to bring desired results causes a faster rate in the wearing and tearing of the system components and parts. Based on the average functioning span of the system under sub-optimal operating conditions, there are high chances the system will need a total complete makeover sooner than it would have needed had the system been maintained and kept under proper working conditions.

Bearing in mind a complete system change out can be very costly, it’s in the best interest of homeowners to have qualified professionals to have a periodic regular check and maintenance of the HVAC system not forgetting a thorough check on the duct work.